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Moving house can be scary for a child, let alone moving to a new country.
But with Harry Fell here to guide the way, children can feel reassured that everything will be okay!

After all it is just one Big, New, Adventure. 

This book is a step-by-step story featuring the key events of moving ‘Down Under’ as well as interactive questions.

Harry Fell can be a friend for children who will be experiencing the Big move as they emigrate to Australia.

Hi Everyone

We are Tanya, Craig and Harry Fell

We are a fun-loving family of three from Lincolnshire, in England and made our big move to Australia in 2019, calling Southeast Brisbane our home since. 

Our story began back in year of 2017, after many hours researching and trying to understand how we could take a leap of faith and move to the other side of the world, to improve our lives as a family.

We went on to attended a Down Under expo where we met the team from the Down Under Centre, it was Wes and this team that made our dream a reality.

The story shares an understanding of our move to Australia, the steps everyone has to go through to emigrate here and the emotions that can be involved for little movers.

It shares it in a way for children of any age to understand, get involved in and help with the process, so it can feel exciting and less daunting for everyone when certain visa stages are completed.

We hope you enjoy our story; in the hope it helps you and your family in some small way, with your move to land down under.

Love The Fells     

The fell family from harrys adventures childrens story book.
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Front cover of Harrys adventures, moving to australia childrens book.
Harry's Adventures
Moving To Australia

A story of a little boy called Harry who moves to Australia from England.

A story that explains the process and all those emotions that’s goes with such a Big move for children and families emigrating to Australia.  

Would You Like Some More Information For Your Own Adventure?
If there’s anything else, you would like to know from us about moving to Australia? 
Or would you like to send your child's answers to the questions in the book?
We would love to hear from you. 

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