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Who We Are

Harry-withbackground 001.png

Hi, I'm Harry 

I was once a little mover like you.

But I helped my mummy write this book about our move to Australia for you to enjoy with your family. 

I'm here to be a friend and to guide you along the way, with your own BIG, new adventure. 

P.s I'm absolutely soccer mad and I never go to bed without a bedtime story.

Hi, I'm Tanya

I'm a first time fun, loving writer, proud mummy to Harry and loving wife to Craig.


  I work for The Down Under Centre, helping and supporting many people from around the world with their own moves to Queensland, Australia.

I have proudly written this book with the help of Harry so we can support and connect with many other families from around the world. 

Tanya-withbackground 001.png
Craig-withbackground 001.png

Hi, I'm Craig

I'm Tanya's biggest supporter, cool daddy to Harry and a full-time electrician.   


With my skill it provided us with the opportunity to make the move to Australia and we haven't looked back since. 

The book tells the story of the process and emotions you will experience with your own move to Australia.


I hope the fellow dads out there, enjoy this story with their own children. 

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