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Free Resources  For Mini Movers

At Harry's Adventures, we understand that moving to a new place can be a daunting experience for children. That's why we offer free printable resources to help your mini movers of the family prepare for a move to Australia. Our fun and educational documents are perfect for mini movers and will help make the transition to a new place enjoyable and exciting.

Check out our free resources today and start preparing your mini movers for their big adventure!

Moving To Australia Reward Chart - Aeroplane

Aeroplane - Website Icon.png

Help your little ones soar to new heights with Harry's Adventures Aeroplane reward chart!

We are offering a FREE reward chart to assist in keeping your mini movers excited and on track as they get ready for their own big, new adventure. It's the perfect tool to help encourage your child to complete special jobs with your move to Australia.  

Comes complete with your own printable reward chart, job list and instructions. 

Moving To Australia Reward Chart - Koala

At Harry's Adventures, we strive to make your family's move to Australia as stress-free as possible. That's why we've created a FREE, fun and interactive Moving to Australia Koala Reward Chart for your children.

When they complete special jobs, they can earn rewards and feel motivated to take part in the moving process.

Comes complete with your own printable reward chart, job list and instructions. 

Koala - Website Icon.png

Word Search - Australia Animals

Word Search Animals  - Website Icon.png

Our FREE word search is the perfect activity for kids who love learning about animals.

With a focus on Australian animals, this word search is both fun and educational.

Download and print it for your children to enjoy!

They'll have a blast while learning about kangaroos, koalas, and other unique animals found in Australia.

Word Search - All About Harry

Download and print our FREE Harry's Adventures word search and spend some time getting to know me.

Harry Word Search - Website Icon.png
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