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Who We Are, Where Do We Come From?

Hi Everyone,

Let's see how this goes, our first blog on the world wide web!

Who we are?

We are the Fell family - Craig, Tanya and Harry. (Our Flo dog, is a part of our family too, but she is living her best life with her Auntie Lo.)

Craig - Electrician or as the Australians called the trade... Sparkie.

Tanya - Originally with a background in health as a therapy assistant, my career has gone in an unbelievable direction of migration, because as I write this, I'm currently halfway through my Australia Migration Law university course, to hopefully qualify as a migration agent one day.

Aswell as trying to build the Harry's Adventures empire up from the ground.

Harry - The soccer loving, Manchester City obsessed, little boy. Who has a love for school, his friends and anything sport related.

Where are we from?

We are a happy fun-loving family, originally from Lincolnshire in the UK.

We met when I was 17, Craig 20 at a young farmers social event, yes, these events could get wild at times ha-ha and then the rest you could say was history really.

We built our life up together in a village on the edge of Grimsby, very close to all our family.

Doing ok in our careers and life in all, we married in 2014, renovated our house, got our first baby, our Flo dog and went on to have our biggest joint achievement, Harry Robert Fell.

We carried on with our comfortable, hamster wheel life, before I planted the seed of our biggest adventure yet....

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