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Selling The Family Home...

After receiving our magic phone call for our visa grant, everything kind of went into full thrust forward.

I feel that's the case with many, making the move to Australia, it's like a feeling of, ‘get us out of here.’

We weren’t too sure how long our house would take to sell, so we got it on the market once the family were aware of our plans.

We sat tight and waited to see what would happen, before we booked our flights.

This part of the move can be hard to decide what is best, and a question I get asked a few times.

Is when is the right time to put our house on the market?

Before visa grant? After visa grant?

Is there ever a right time? I truthfully don’t know, because each of us could all have different circumstances.

For us, when we sold and completed on the sale, we were fortunate enough to move into my parents' home for two weeks, before we flew to Australia.

I think its personally up to you, when you take that jump, but when you do, it’s also about having a whole lot of faith, that everything will work out ok.

Having children involved, in the selling of the family home can make it even more of a challenge.

Seeing strangers come through the house, a for sale sign outside their house and all the constant cleaning and tidying you have to do, can certainly start some questions from your mini movers.

A little bit of advice - Is just give them some notice, if they are old enough to understand.

Let them know what is happening!

They need time, to digest the news of the sale of their family home, for many children it could be the only home they have known.

Let them help with the cleaning and tidying of their room, so they know they are involved in this part of the adventure themselves, it gives them a little bit of "control."

But also, be prepared for "I'm not tidying my room" haha.

A sticker/stamp chart might be useful for this, as a way of encouragement. - We have created a reward chart; you can download and print to maybe use to help. Available Here

Reassurance will need to be given and all you can do is answer the questions they may ask, truthfully.

A good way to show them they will have a new family home with you, is by letting them see the houses in Australia.

This is our Australian family home.

-        Use websites, such as Realestate or Domain, by this stage, I'm sure you will have been looking at the houses in your chosen state.

-        Google maps, use the binoculars so they can see the street views the houses are on.

Honestly show it to them and see their faces light up.

I can guarantee if your child/children are anything like Harry, it will get them excited.

They will want to see the houses with stairs, the houses with a garden for them to play in or if you’re in the position to be able to have a house with a pool, absolutely show them that type of house too.

While all this was happening with the waiting of the house sale. We started the shipping process and arranging what worldly belongings we should take over with us….

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